Processor Stress Test

Processor Stress Test 3.2

Processor Stress Test allows you to monitor and stress your CPU
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FFT-z Processor Stress Test is a small application that allows the user to have a good picture of the system's performance under stressful situations; these scenarios mostly involve but not limited to heavy usage of the processor, when you are browsing the web (several tabs open), listening to music, using an IM program, running an Adobe AIR application, so that you have a general idea of the system's behavior under that kind of stress.

The program is divided into 4 main categories: Processor (all Processor available information), Test and Results (the benchmark screen), Status and Health (the option available for your PU according to the test results), Online Results (an online ranking of users based on the tests results). The program's interface is simple and user-intuitive, the only thing you need to do to run a test is to click in the "Go!" button and watch the performance graphs your processor will draw. The program will "saturate" the system's actual functions in order to define the processor maximum performance speed and overheat threshold.

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  • The program is free (GNU General Public License), no trial limitations!


  • There're a bunch of these on the market with better graphs and reports
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